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Partners in Your Business or Agency Dreams...

Every successful business has a story, and ours began with a dream to empower businesses and/or agencies like yours. We understand the highs and lows of business ownership, the aspirations, and the hurdles. That's why we're dedicated to being more than consultants; we're your trusted allies on this journey.

Imagine your business/agency overcoming challenges and achieving soft- and hard-dollar goals. At nDemand Consulting Services Inc, we turn that vision into reality. Our expertise is your pathway to success in the complex worlds of government, commercial business, and federal contracting.


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Government Services & Solutions

UEI: LULLC6NSQ841 | CAGE: 76SE9 | Awarded NAICS: 541611, 611430, 611420 | Awarded PSC Codes: R499, U099, R408 | Download Cap Statement Here

Comprehensive Training Solutions

We build advanced self-paced learning management systems to deliver training in tactical-based leadership, human-centered leadership, technology-based leadership, and agile-based leadership, ensuring government employees gain the necessary skills and knowledge at their own pace with extensive reporting & tracking capabilities.

Global Crisis Management

Our team works directly with agencies and firms with a global emphasis specific to countering violent extremism (CVE), counter-terrorism, and superimposing best practices around media communications, journalism, and remediating potential chaotic scenarios. We have conducted large-scale crisis management and prevention training across the continent of Africa and Europe.

Event & Logistics Management

We handle every aspect of training development, travel, logistics at boots on ground, native-speaking coordinators, live trainers to administer the training (in the native language), post-training surveys, training completion certificates for the trainees, and final reports (i.e., to include itemized receipts, lessons learned, etc.). Clients can expect a safe and comprehensive training for attendees. Because the training curriculum is high stakes and little room for error, we take every aspect seriously.

Program & Project Management

We provide strategic planning and management services that guarantee the efficient and effective execution of government programs and projects. By leveraging methodologies such as Agile, Lean Six Sigma, SDLC, and PMBOK, alongside rigorous governance and oversight dashboards, we ensure your initiatives are completed successfully, on time, and within budget. Complimentary infrastructure services include web and brand design, requirements management, large-scale product development & deployment, and hi-definition graphic design.

Government Past Performance

Government Global Footprint

Mogadishu, Somalia
Nairobi, Kenya
Luanda & Huambo Angola
Goma North Kivu DRC
Addis Ababa Ethiopia
Djibouti City Djibouti

Government Case Studies

BluNotes of Charlotte

Hospitality Industry

June 13, 20170 min read

blog author image

Oscar L. Frazier

Oscar L Frazier is an international consultant with a sought-after leadership and team-building track record that spans over two decades. Oscar holds an MBA with a Management and Quantitative Methods focus, is a certified Lean Six Sigma Black, a certified Project Management Professional (PMP),and a certified SAFe 5 Agilist. He is also an Eagle Scout with the Boy Scouts of America.

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What we offer

Federal Contracting & Proposal Writing

Start-Ups through Large Prime Expertise | Extensive Hands-On Business Development & Capture Research | Download Services Sheet Here

Fractional COO Monthly Services

We help federal contracting firms excel with a focus on Strategy, Marketing, and Execution, guiding firms to success with expertise in operational management and strategic planning. Our tiered fractional COO services for federal contracting firms provide designated hours of consultation, including regulatory compliance reviews, contract management, proposal writing support, pipeline development, bid/no-bid support, and federal strategy sessions, all with measurable monthly deliverables to ensure clear results and effectiveness.

Business Development

We provide business development and capture management services to federal contracting firms, offering comprehensive bid and proposal management that oversees every aspect of major proposal submissions. Our expertise includes advanced federal contract negotiation, strategic guidance, and acting as a high-level regulatory liaison, while also conducting research within tools such as FPDS, SAM, GovWin, eBuy, USASpending, and Government Scorecards to produce FY pre-forecast through live solicitation short-range and long-range pipelines with PWINs to measure true revenue potentials. We also execute certifications and contract vehicles such as 8(a), SDVOSB, GSA MAS, & more.

Proposal Writing & Management

We excel in proposal writing and management services for federal contracting firms, employing the Shipley methodology to ensure a structured and strategic approach to proposal development. Leveraging industry intelligence, our team conducts thorough market research, analyzes competitor landscapes, and identifies win themes. We also interview subject matter experts to gather critical insights and develop comprehensive technical volumes. This process significantly reduces the workload for your firm, ensuring the delivery of high-quality, compelling proposals that align with federal requirements and maximize the potential for winning contracts.

Comprehensive Technical Writing

Our comprehensive technical writing services include the creation of in-depth white papers and professional capabilities statements & briefings, crucial for establishing thought leadership and showcasing your firm's expertise. Our white paper service involves topic identification, detailed research, structured content development, and polished design to inform and engage target audiences, while our capabilities statements highlight your firm's strengths, skills, and past performances through tailored content and compelling design, ensuring your firm's competencies are effectively communicated to potential government clients.

Federal Contracting Firm Existing & Past Client Snapshot

Federal Contracting Firm Services Short Video Explainers

What we offer

Small Business Consulting

Investor Experts | Ideation through Doors Open Hands-On Experience | Cutting-Edge Graphics & Content Writing | Download Services Sheet Here

Investor Readiness & Identification

We create compelling pitch decks, investor readiness coaching, identify potential investors, and provide negotiation support. We ensure your pitch deck effectively highlights your business's strengths and market potential while our coaching prepares you to confidently present and engage with investors. Additionally, we identify the right investors for your venture and offer expert negotiation support to secure the best possible terms for your business.

Business & Financial Plans

Our service guides entrepreneurs and businesses in crafting a robust, comprehensive plan essential for securing funding, attracting investors, and guiding internal operations. Our approach includes defining your business concept and market analysis, developing financial projections and strategic plans, and refining the final plan to ensure it is detailed, realistic, and compelling, aligning perfectly with your unique business goals.

Business Launch Services

Our services expertly guide entrepreneurs through every step of launching their business, from refining the initial concept to full operational readiness. Our comprehensive approach includes market analysis, financial planning, operational setup, and strategic marketing, ensuring a seamless and successful business launch that is aligned with your vision and goals.

Branding & Marketing

Our branding and marketing services, including corporate overview presentations, infographics, blogs, eBooks, and website development, are designed to effectively communicate your company's story, values, and strengths. Our corporate overview service ensures your company's identity is showcased through engaging, professionally designed presentations, while our website development focuses on creating dynamic, user-friendly, and visually appealing sites that engage and convert visitors, emphasizing intuitive design, SEO optimization, and responsive layouts to enhance your online presence.

Small Business Consulting Existing & Past Client Snapshot

Small Business Consulting Services Short Video Explainers

Small Business Consulting Case Studies

BluNotes of Charlotte

Hospitality Industry

June 13, 20170 min read

blog author image

Oscar L. Frazier

Oscar L Frazier is an international consultant with a sought-after leadership and team-building track record that spans over two decades. Oscar holds an MBA with a Management and Quantitative Methods focus, is a certified Lean Six Sigma Black, a certified Project Management Professional (PMP),and a certified SAFe 5 Agilist. He is also an Eagle Scout with the Boy Scouts of America.

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Comprehensive Curriculum Development

Our self-paced training solutions include a wide range of courses tailored to diverse industries such as energy, agriculture, and opportunity zones. Each module is meticulously designed in collaboration with industry experts and government agencies to provide in-depth knowledge and practical insights.

Advanced Learning Management System (LMS)

Utilizing a cutting-edge eLearning platform built by our partner QuoLearn LLC, our LMS offers a user-friendly interface that supports interactive and engaging content delivery. This ensures learners can access training materials anytime, anywhere, and track their progress efficiently.

Certification and Assessment with Robust Reporting

Our programs include rigorous quizzes and assessments, culminating in certification that validates participants' expertise and readiness for international business. This certification is recognized as a benchmark of readiness, providing tangible proof of skills and knowledge acquired.

Global Collaboration & Networking

Our LinkedIn-Like community platform fosters a collaborative learning environment where participants can engage in discussions, share insights, and network with global professionals. This feature enhances the learning experience by connecting learners with peers and industry leaders worldwide.

Self-Paced Training Solutions Existing & Past Client Snapshot

Training Case Studies

BluNotes of Charlotte

Hospitality Industry

June 13, 20170 min read

blog author image

Oscar L. Frazier

Oscar L Frazier is an international consultant with a sought-after leadership and team-building track record that spans over two decades. Oscar holds an MBA with a Management and Quantitative Methods focus, is a certified Lean Six Sigma Black, a certified Project Management Professional (PMP),and a certified SAFe 5 Agilist. He is also an Eagle Scout with the Boy Scouts of America.

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Keynote & Global Speaking

Learn why federal agencies and commercial firms look to Oscar L. Frazier as the leading authority in the leadership training and development arena.

Keynotes & Signature Programs

Leadership Methodologies that Produce Results.

Leadership Methods That Put People First

(169 Reviews)

60-minute “Power Hour” session, Half-Day Off or On-Site Training, Full-Day Leadership Training, and 2- to 3-Day Full Immersion Format

Intentionally change your organization’s culture by fostering courageous dialogue with all levels of your organizational chart, revealing the opportunities in your

organization to reflect deeply on your true brand, purpose, and growth trajectory

Strategically Designed for: Federal Agencies, Customer Service Leaders, Division-Level Team Leads, Directors, C-Suite Executives, Coaches, Organizations, Firms of All Sizes, Sport Teams, Team-Building Exercises, Production Lines, Banquets, Colleges & Universities, Lunch-n-Learns, and Corporate Events

Effectively Lead Organizational Change

(214 Reviews)

60-minute “Power Hour” session, Half-Day Off or On-Site Training, Full-Day Leadership Training, and 2- to 3-Day Full Immersion Format

Clearly delineate between a “speed boat” versus “cruise ship” organizational structure and which is best for your leadership and team design

Strategically Designed for: Federal Agencies, Organizations, Firms of All Sizes, Sport Teams, Keynotes or Breakout Sessions, Banquets, Colleges & Universities, Lunch-n-Learns, and Corporate Events

Focus On The New Role of Leadership in Our World

(136 Reviews)

60-minute “Power Hour” session, Half-Day Off or On-Site Training, Full-Day Leadership Training, and 2- to 3-Day Full Immersion Format

Supercharge your teams’ communication channels thereby increasing productivity and speed to market, staying ahead of the competitive curve with

cutting-edge technologies and easy implementation strategies

Strategically Designed for: Federal Agencies, CTOs, Technologists, Program Managers, Organizations, Firms of All Sizes, Team-Building Exercises,

System Administrators, STEM Classes, Banquets, Colleges & Universities, Lunch-n-Learns, and Corporate Events

Get What Needs To Be Done—Done

(312 Reviews)

60-minute “Power Hour” session, Half-Day Off or On-Site Training, Full-Day Leadership Training, and 2- to 3-Day Full Immersion Format

Enhance traditional project planning methodologies to foster an environment of innovation where every team member

understands how they fit into the overall success [or failure] of the organization

Strategically Designed for: Federal Agencies, Agilists, Division-Level Team Leads, Organizations, Firms of All Sizes, Sport Teams, Team-Building Exercises, Production Lines, Banquets, Colleges & Universities, Lunch-n-Learns, and Corporate Events

Keynote & Global Speaking Existing & Past Client Snapshot


What Others Are Saying About nDemand

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nDemand Consulting Services transformed our agency's approach to program management. Their tailored training programs and strategic guidance helped us streamline operations and achieve significant improvements in efficiency and effectiveness. The team’s expertise in compliance and crisis management is unmatched, making them an invaluable partner in our journey towards excellence.

John D., Federal Program Director

Government Services

Working with nDemand has been a game-changer for our federal contracting strategy. Their proposal writing and management services, combined with advanced research and negotiation support, have significantly increased our win rate. Their comprehensive approach, including the use of tools like FPDS and SAM, ensured we were always ahead of the curve, prepared, and confident in our submissions.

Jelani Z., CEO of TechGov Solutions

Federal Contracting Services

Oscar Frazier’s leadership methodologies, delivered through nDemand’s international speaking services, have had a profound impact on our organization. His engaging and insightful sessions have equipped our leaders with the skills to navigate complex global challenges, fostering a culture of innovation and resilience within our team. His ability to connect with diverse audiences is truly remarkable.

Michael L., Global Operations Manager

International Speaking

nDemand’s business plan services were pivotal in our startup’s early success. Their detailed market analysis, financial planning, and strategic development provided a solid foundation for our business. The team's dedication to understanding our vision and goals ensured that our business plan was not only realistic but also compelling to investors and stakeholders.

Laniece T., Founder of GreenTech Innovations

Small Business Consulting

The self-paced training programs offered by nDemand through QuoLearn have been instrumental in upskilling our workforce. The platform's user-friendly interface and comprehensive curriculum, particularly in energy and agriculture, provided our employees with the knowledge and confidence to excel in their roles. The certification process added a layer of credibility that greatly benefited our company’s reputation.

Emily R., HR Director at AgroEnergy Corp

Self-Paced Training Solutions

nDemand’s branding and marketing services, especially their corporate overview presentations and website development, have elevated our company’s profile significantly. The presentations were engaging and effectively communicated our story, while the website they developed was both visually appealing and highly functional. Their attention to detail and commitment to aligning with our brand identity made a substantial difference in our market presence.

Tremaine M., Marketing Director at BlueWave Enterprises

Branding & Marketing Services

Press & Media

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Want To Entice Repeat Customers? 14 Tips For Mastering The Follow-Up

Growing a business is all about attracting new customers, but repeat customers are also an important component that tends to be forgotten. Engaging a customer and successfully leading them through a transaction is not enough of a guarantee that the customer will return again in the future. That’s why it’s key for businesses to develop a follow-up strategy that will retain customers for the long term.


Meet Oscar Frazier | Global Consultant


In the workplace, lessons don’t always have to come from the top down. Employees working to execute business initiatives also have the ability to impart wisdom that helps entrepreneurs become better employers and better leaders overall.


“Fall seven times and stand up eight.” This Japanese proverb speaks volumes about the importance of perseverance. While standing back up after taking a hit is easier said than done, it is important to remember that persevering through difficulties is an experience countless others have tackled before.


As 2022 gets off to a volatile start, I've been pondering some of the biggest crisis management implications this year may bring. From research and rumor mills, it is clear that the world has turned its attention to riskier ways to make money via NFTs, crypto, day trading and much more. So how do we protect ourselves from financial demise?


The term ‘Global Crisis Management’ may not be familiar to many people, but it is an area that is very well-known to Oscar Frazier, Founder of nDemand Consulting Services. Frazier is an expert in crisis management and runs one of the premier organizations focused on combating crises.

According to Frazier, Global Crisis Management is combating crises and decreasing the collateral damage inflicted by a crisis by preparing those in leadership positions to effectively communicate with the masses without inciting chaos. nDemand Consulting has worked with a variety of private and public organizations.


Fears, Failure, Health, and Love - the Evolution of Oscar Frazier was discussed with a room full of business owners spanning numerous industry sectors.


At first glance, setting up a website seems simple. However, behind the scenes, every little button, word and image needs to be considered with the utmost care and attention in order to deliver an excellent user experience.


Marketing is a science, and you need a solid strategy to make the most of your efforts. Many entrepreneurs and small businesses don't have large enough marketing budgets to hire a team of professionals to handle their marketing, but you don’t need a big team to get results.


People depend on leaders to make the right decisions that will guide them to success. As a leader, it's important to be confident in the decisions you make because people will hesitate to follow you if you hesitate to trust yourself.


When I built our firm almost two decades ago to focus on Global Crisis Management, never in a million years did I anticipate the world's present battle with disinformation and propaganda. Our crisis management journey morphed from small consulting gigs to help struggling journalists to just finishing up project 14 in the Kinshasa Democratic Republic of the Congo and kicking off project 15 in Albania and Kosovo.

With emphasis usually residing with journalists’ training preparation for countering violent extremism, I now am asking: What about the companies and individuals being interviewed by the media?


2020 has changed the landscape for crisis management in aspects even beyond a global pandemic. Many organizations are now focusing on and fine-tuning their pre-crisis management planning at the employee and project levels.


The FBI uses the term "synthetic content" to describe the end result of the digital manipulation of text files, images, audio recordings and videos utilizing new technology like artificial intelligence (AI) or machine learning (ML). Synthetic content includes what is commonly referred to as "deepfake" videos that appear to show individuals making statements they did not actually make.


I used to love watching and following drama-filled social media posts until approximately four years ago when I, as the owner of nDemand Consulting Services, won a federal contract with the United States Agency for Global Media (USAGM) to provide global crisis management training focused on countering violent extremism (CVE) and eliminating disinformation. In working with media journalists across nine countries spanning the continent of Africa, I began to see trends in how crisis scenarios tend to have similar beginnings, middles and ends: two conflicting sides, partial truths from the conflicting sides and the struggle to ascertain which side is more “right” than the other.


A pitch can make or break a small business, especially when it comes to investor capital. A good pitch can land your dream investors and enough capital to bankroll your growth, while a bad one might ruin your company's reputation.


The popularity of freelancing has been growing exponentially recently. In the last few months as more professionals enter the market, more businesses are becoming aware of the benefits of outsourcing work to freelancers instead of doing everything in house.

For businesses, the most vital part of hiring a freelancer is ensuring they meet the company's standards. Unlike employees that have a tacit social and business contract, freelancers operate primarily on an honor basis. Companies therefore need to take care in vetting them before hiring them to do work.


The problem with much of the current discourse surrounding crisis management—and rest assured there’s an overabundance to be found—is that it largely regurgitates mindsets and methodologies that are underwhelming in today’s complex macro-economic climate, at best, and that have been rendered entirely antiquated given current conditions at worst. Novel challenges like the COVID-19 lock-down demand commensurately fresh ideation—most certainly that intend to help organizations large and small survive and succeed amid today’s brand of chaos.


Highly motivated employees are more profitable for businesses. They're happier and more satisfied in their jobs, and they are able to come up with more innovative ideas, connect with customers and be more productive. Employees who are motivated save their companies thousands of dollars through their increased efficiency and the higher retention rates. Organizations can greatly benefit from making motivation a priority.


A new business venture won’t get very far without the right funding. In some cases, this means seeking the help of outside investors.

Done right, the relationship between a business owner and their investors can be incredibly fruitful for all involved. However, it’s crucial to understand the process and keep the necessary considerations in mind.


Agile principles were first developed to support the tech industry, and now they have become so much more than that. Used in a variety of industries, these methodologies get people out of their functional silos and boost multidisciplinary teams for greater efficiency, productivity and flexibility.


Business leaders have to focus on so many different areas to keep things running smoothly. Even leaders with the best of intentions sometimes make mistakes. However, if a leader is making decisions without considering how the consequences will affect a specific individual, a group or an entire demographic, it's crucial for them to learn how to take a step back and address the unconscious bias that's playing a role in their decision-making process.

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