Financial Literacy

Attaining good financial knowledge is a lifelong process. Therefore, Sound Decisions RDS, Inc. is passionate about helping youth and young adults gain traction early. Our financial literacy programs target at-­risk youth, helping them understand the difference between needs and wants. We introduce the concepts of money management, credit and debit, budgeting, income and expenses, saving for long-­term goals, and investing. Students who have successfully completed this program, displayed clear understanding of the concepts, and expressed a desire to pursue higher education are eligible for this scholarship. 


  • Helping youth understand personal finance
  • Early financial literacy efforts increase likelihood that students will pursue more financial education as young adults
  • Teaching youth how to navigate in this modern financial world
  • Less than half of the US states have financial literacy requirements for grades K-­12 
  • Smart College Financing
  • Successful Money Management Techniques

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