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Comprehensive Technical Proposal Writing & Pricing, Graphic Design & Executive Dashboards, New Venture Solutions, Government Services

nDemand Consulting provides start-ups & small businesses with: 


Business Plans, Standard Operating Procedures, Strategic Plans, Funding Assistance, etc.


Logos, Web Design, Graphic Design, Press Releases, Social Media Management, Marketing Plans, etc. 


Proposal & Contract Development, Project Management, Idea Pitch to Investors, Process Improvement, etc. 

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nDemand Consulting works with the nation's top companies to offer jobs to quality candidates. Our process is listed below for each entity within our recruiting lifecycle.

View our nDemand Staffing Brochure Here.

Job Seekers


Our job opportunities range from IT Professionals, Project Managers, to Healthcare Services, and vary between contract to permanent.


Our Senior Delivery Managers will sync with you prior to your interview with the client to ensure you are ready, understand the client culture, and can hit the ground running.


We use the latest recruiting software and social media platforms to make your experience applying for our open positions as seamless and efficient as possible. 


Take the deep subject knowledge you already have, coupled with the client-specific expectations provided by the Senior Delivery Manager to impress the client & get hired!


Upon applying for an open position, an nDemand recruiter will review your resume and contact you to discuss the opportunity and answer your initial questions. 


Now that you're hired, let us help you get settled in! Our Senior Delivery Managers will check in with you on your first day and periodically to ensure you are being utilized.


We are ready to connect with you. Our headquarter office is conveniently located at 2923 South Tryon St., Suite 220, Charlotte NC, 28203. Our direct line is 704.390.3904, or call toll-free 888.551.5660. You can also reach us by completing the short form below. A Senior Delivery Manager will contact you within 1 business day.

Our sourcing and recruiting reach is nationwide.

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As we continue to evolve, we are interested in building relationships with recruiters nationwide (i.e., both junior and senior levels). If you are a recruiter, or interested in becoming a recruiter, please complete the form below. An nDemand Consulting leader will connect with you within 3 business days.

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Oscar Frazier, Owner

Oscar L. Frazier

Delivery & Execution

Mr. Frazier is a certified Project Management Professional (PMP), and Lean Six Sigma Black Belt specializing in enterprise development, strategic management, and business  operations. He has significant experience boosting productivity, cutting costs, and fostering  efficiency in various settings and a proven track record with both process improvement and program management. Mr. Frazier  has an M.B.A, focusing in management. 


LaShawna May

Strategic Recruiting Partner

Ms. May has over fifteen years implementing talent acquisition strategies and HR strategic consulting. She has been an insightful change leader for large regional and global companies. LaShawna has an MBA and is respected as a high‐energy leader who blends visionary thinking, with the tactical planning talents needed to translate key goals into tangible results for clients.

Kiya Frazier, Co-Owner

Kiya D. Frazier

Marketing & Public Relations

Mrs. Frazier has over a decade of relevant experience specializing in strategic communications, logistics planning, and brand  management. She is responsible for managing the editing, updating, and designing of marketing materials including contract proposals, brochures, and a wide variety of client deliverables for multiple clients. Mrs. Frazier has an M.B.A, focusing in marketing management.

Willis Winslow, Technology Strategic Partner

Willis Winslow

Technology Strategic Partner

Mr. Winslow has over fifteen years experience planning and managing the scoping, pricing, and scheduling of technical information systems project teams. Mr. Winslow has led multiple clients through streamlining, re-engineering, and transforming technical processes, and  has a proven track record with database architecture, migration, and administration.

Principal Consultant

Joyce Mehlman

Principal Consultant 

Mrs. Mehlman has over 30 years of experience at all business operation levels within multiple industries. She has extensive experience in managing operational teams, new product implementations, system conversions, and depth in banking initiatives that include infrastructure, change management, compliance, lean & six sigma, vendor management, operations, and process improvements.

Steven McDonnough, Relationship Strategic Partner

Steven McDonnough

Relationship Strategic Partner 

Mr. McDonnough has a passion for creating opportunities for individuals and businesses to foster lasting, mutually beneficial relationships. Mr. McDonnough has helped clients lay the foundation for their businesses ranging from pre‐planning & start ups, to growth & expansion, to succession planning & exit strategies.


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"Don't Become; Overcome" Financial Literacy Scholarship

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