nDemand Consulting Launches Business Credit & Corporate Funding Services For Its Clients

Summary: A leading marketing and consulting firm catering primarily to small and mid-sized businesses in both the public and private sectors, nDemand Consulting is pleased to announce the introduction of its Business Credit and Corporate Funding service at http://www.nDemandconsultingllc.com/business-credit-corporate-funding. The introduction of the business credit and corporate funding service is aimed at improving business credit ratings through Dun & Bradstreet for clients and making access to corporate finance & lending easier.

October 30, 2014

While financing is relatively not a major problem for large businesses and corporations, the same cannot be said for small to mid-sized businesses. For owners of such businesses, the problems associated with accessing corporate finance via business credit worthiness are perhaps the most significant issues. From difficulty in convincing financial institutions to fund start-up ideas or expansion, to owners / entrepreneurs having unfavorable or a non-existent business credit rating (i.e., Paydex Score), small and medium sized businesses face several challenges in raising capital. As entrepreneurs at the helm of such businesses very well know, lenders often pursue personal credit profiling and/or personal guarantees to secure loans. Moreover, although large corporations can raise finance through equity, smaller businesses usually do not have such an option and are highly dependent on loans and alternative lending methods. Thankfully, even though raising finance remains a serious problem for small and mid-sized businesses, nDemand Consulting has set out to make financing much smoother with its Business Credit and Corporate Funding service.

nDemand Consulting- Enhancing Financial Accessibility

Striving to provide unparalleled consulting services to small and mid-sized businesses, nDemand Consulting continues to be the market leader with its consultation services and its latest service is no different. The recently introduced Business Credit and Corporate funding program is primarily aimed at:

  • Building Business Credit for Clients (i.e., 75+ Paydex Scores); and
  • Providing Corporate Funding for Clients.

While improving the business credit rating (i.e., Paydex Score) helps businesses generate greater funding, providing immediate funding and financing options directly helps businesses raise money and improve their liquidity instantly. The amount of finance provided through nDemand Consulting is based on the needs of the client; however, nDemand Consulting guarantees up to $50,000 of credit in the Business Credit and Corporate Funding package. Moreover, apart from providing a significant amount of funding and submitting credit rating application on the behalf of the client, the program offers other services as well such as:

  • Corporate Compliance Review (ensures your business in legally in good standing)
  • Credit Application Submittals
  • Business Plan Development
  • Bank Trade Lines
  • Loans / Cash
  • Marketing Packages

About nDemand Consulting

A pioneer in the field of consulting and marketing services, nDemand Consulting has become the leading choice for businesses from industries around the world. For additional information about the company and the services it offers, visit www.nDemandConsultingllc.com. Information about the Business Credit and Corporate Funding service can be found on http://www.nDemandconsultingllc.com/business-credit-corporate-funding