Common Marketing Mistakes Made by Entrepreneurs

In this day and age, it would not be incorrect to say that marketing is one aspect that truly determines the difference between success and failure. In a time where competition is more than ever with an increasing number of firms (be it large or small) vying for limited customers, promoting your business in a way that it creates an edge over your rivals is the need of the hour. Unfortunately though, despite marketing being so significant to success, a lot of businesses, particularly small businesses, often overlook its value.

With the aim to save money, majority of business owners give marketing very little importance and are more often than not content with minimal marketing budgets. However, what a lot of entrepreneurs fail to realize is that marketing does not have to be so costly. If you can’t promote well yourself (all of us are blessed with certain specific skills), outsourcing is always an option.

Here are common marketing mistakes made by entrepreneurs and how outsourcing can help overcome them:

1. Incorrect Marketing Plan

Even if you know you have the most attractive product or service to offer, chances are that your product or offering will lead to no revenue at all if you do not have an appropriate marketing plan in order. Simply put, a marketing plan is a strategy that defines how you plan to promote your business over several mediums, define your target audience, identify the channels you will be using, spot the measures you will take to keep up to date with current marketing trends, and so on.

Without a good marketing plan, no business can survive. Remember Steve Jobs and his Apple success story? Well, Steve Jobs knew how to promote his offerings and, needless to say, all of this stemmed from a good marketing plan.

To put your demons about creating a marketing plan to rest, nDemand Consulting offers complete marketing plan solutions for a very reasonable $250. The price is reasonable not only for the value nDemand Consulting offers (market segmentation, budgeting, timeline, public relations), but also in terms of long term benefits.

2. Poorly Constructed Website

Wildly popular with its presence everywhere, the internet is perhaps the most far reaching marketing channel ever. To have a presence on the internet, you need a website to start with. Unfortunately, small business owners usually don’t create a website for their business. Even if young entrepreneurs do create a website, the website is so poor that it defeats the purpose completely. Poor graphics, design, construction, and font are some of the factors that put off potential traffic.

So, what’s the Solution? Outsource your website design to specialist firms such as nDemand Consulting. For just $300, the specialist marketing firm can help take your business place to place on the internet and give you traffic you never dreamt of.

3. Choosing the Wrong Platform

If everybody is using Twitter, you should too, right? Wrong! Choosing to be run-of-the-mill is not what will get you success. Instead, identifying your target audience and approaching them through an appropriate median is what will guarantee success. For $50 a month, nDemand Consulting offers small business owners and entrepreneurs the opportunity to stay in touch with their customers on a regular basis. Whether it is generating more likes on your Facebook page or trending hot topics, the firm ensures your business is always talked about and never left behind.