Oscar Frazier from ndemand Consulting Invited to Be the Moderator at the Entrepreneurial Symposium in Charlotte

Summary: Oscar Frazier, Founder of nDemand Consulting LLC at http://www.ndemandconsultingllc.com/ and a household name in small business consulting and marketing, has recently been invited to be the moderator at the upcoming Small Business Entrepreneurial Symposium. The program, part of the National Family Empowerment Conference, is scheduled to be held in Charlotte on the 27th of September, 2014, from 9am to 6pm at the Carole A. Hoefener Center located at 610 East 7th St.

September 24, 2014

Known for his business and marketing acumen, Oscar Frazier has years of experience dealing with clients and the challenges they face when entering the business world. In addition to this, apart from charity work, he also helps people discover employment opportunities that fit their skills perfectly, and serves as a motivational speaker for those in need of inspiration. Fittingly, he has been invited to be the moderator for the National Family Empowerment Conference’s Small Business Entrepreneurial Symposium on the 27th of September. Hence, to ensure the event serves as a new benchmark in Charlotte, the organizers hope that Mr. Oscar can share some of his valuable insights with the audience and let them in on how to be successful in the business world.

National Family Empowerment Conference- Empowering The Local Populace

An initiative aimed at helping upcoming entrepreneurs get a better hold of the business world, the annual National Family Empowerment Conference will be held in Charlotte, NC, on the 27th of September, 2014. Created with the purpose of empowering families with limited knowledge of the business world, the conference will also feature an Entrepreneurial Symposium which will further provide insights about the complexities and challenges entrepreneurs can face when starting up a business.  Along with ideas and views pitched by young entrepreneurs, the event will also feature a host of some of the top executives across the nation such as Jeff Hoffman (founder of priceline.com), Joseph B Washington, Oscar Frazier, Senator Joel Ford, Astrid Chrinos and Randy Lucas.

Oscar Frazier, much excited about this opportunity to empower youth, is thrilled to provide young entrepreneurs with his valuable experiences and insights. He quotes “it’s not often we, as business professionals, are afforded the opportunity to add value to the lives of young people in such an impactful way. I’m truly humbled by this opportunity and hope my advice pays dividends for those in attendance.”

About nDemand Consulting

A leading private business and marketing consultancy firm, nDemand Consulting continues to serve an inspirational role for entrepreneurs from all walks of life. With services ranging from consultancy, planning, staffing and job provision, the firm has firmly established itself as one of the leading names in the business sphere. For more information and the services offers by nDemand Consulting, visit the website at www.nDemandConsulting.com. More information about Oscar Frazier can also be found on http://www.ndemandconsultingllc.com/#whychooseus

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