5 Ways nDemand Consulting Finds the Best Talent For Your Company

Many businesses find the process of hiring new employees tedious, long and costly. During recruitment and selection, it becomes difficult for the business to focus on its core areas. Luckily, nDemand Consulting LLC has drawn up a comprehensive 5-step process through which they can help your business find the perfect candidates.

Step 1: Gather Requirements

At the beginning of nDemand Consulting’s process, a Senior Delivery Manager (SDM) gauges the talent needs and quantity requirements with the hiring manager in the client corporation or agency. The meeting revolves around a description of the number of vacancies in the client company and employee skill set needs.

Step 2: Needs Assessment

Once the SDM has captured the talent needs of the client, he or she then meets with the recruiting team at nDemand Consulting to transfer the information to them. The Talent Acquisition Officer (TAO) uses the information brought by the SDM to determine the feasibility of requirements.

Step 3: Communicate Plan

The Senior Delivery Manager and Talent Acquisition Officer collaborate to form a comprehensive plan for the client. The SDM and TAO will present the entire plan, consisting of the talent acquisition timeline and approach to your business. This is the time for you to provide your valuable feedback and let nDemand Consulting know if they are on the right track.

Step 4: Begin Talent Acquisition

Using either the vast database of nDemand Consulting or a fresh search for the right talent, the recruiting team identifies the top candidates for the job. Their resumes and other details are submitted to the Senior Delivery Manager so that he/she can evaluate the shortlisted options. Now, the Talent Acquisition Officer prepares a formal submittal package that includes the talent most suitable for your job vacancy. The TAO then presents this data to the client corporation or agency.

Step 5: World-Class Delivery

Even after hiring, the SDM stays in touch with the client and employee and provides constant support. This is done to ensure delivery and to oversee problem management (should an issue occur). Moreover, the SDM also gathers new requirements from the client in order to understand future recruitment needs.

nDemand Consulting has a streamlined delivery management process through which your company can review qualified candidates and start hiring within 5 days of the requirement gathering session. This highly efficient process can shortlist a few sample candidates within 48 hours for high need, urgent job vacancies.