$80M Package Signed to Increase Access to Capital for Small- & Mid-Sized Enterprises; nDemand Consulting Now Provides Funding Assistance

Summary: With the government providing several packages to increase the flow of Small- & Mid-Sized Enterprise funding, small businesses often require professional assistance to acquire funding. To help Small- & Mid-Sized Enterprises raise finances in the most profitable manner, nDemand Consulting offers funding assistance on http://www.ndemandconsultingllc.com/execution#ideapitchtoinvestors

September 3, 2014

Massachusetts Governor, Deval Patrick signed an $80 million package in an aim to increase access to capital for small and medium enterprises. This was done to grow business activity and job creation in the country. Access to capital is one of the most crucial factors for Small- & Mid-Sized Enterprise growth and prosperity. As a result, nDemand Consulting provides start-ups and small businesses with funding assistance so that small business owners can take full advantage of investment opportunities, such as the Massachusetts package.

“First, it expands access to capital for small businesses and entrepreneurs,” reports Fortune at http://goo.gl/Fnnef2. “Credit for small businesses is still scarce and is having a dampening effect on the economy’s recovery. The Massachusetts package allows the state pension fund to invest at least $150 million in institutions that make capital available to small business and very young companies that are still developing their products and services. It also provides $1.5 million through the public-private partnership MassVentures to support early-stage, tech startups as they move from concept to commercialization.”

nDemand Consulting – Complete Funding Assistance for Small Business            

nDemand Consulting provides small business owners and entrepreneurs with strategy, marketing, and execution assistance. The company offers services such as business plan formation, drawing up standard operating procedures, formulating strategic plans and, most importantly, assisting in acquiring sufficient funding for setting up and expanding personal businesses. Hence, as the government takes an initiative to help Small- & Mid-Sized Enterprises raise capital, nDemand Consulting leaves no stones unturned with its expert management consulting services. 

As new entrants in the market, many start-ups require expert assistance when it comes to core marketing activities. nDemand Consulting helps businesses with logo development, web design, marketing plans, and social media strategies. In addition, the company also helps Small- & Mid-Sized Enterprises pitch ideas to investors, and will draw up proposals / contracts in order to increase the likelihood of funding approval from lenders or investors.

About nDemand Consulting LLC

nDemand Consulting LLC was founded in 2004 and incorporated in 2012. The company strives to support the cradle-to-grave implementation of small- and mid-sized businesses within the public and private sectors. nDemand Consulting’s areas of focus are strategy, marketing, and execution. In addition, the company provides staffing & talent acquisition solutions for organizations, spanning across the world. The team at nDemand Consulting comprises of industry experts and an executive-level senior advisory board that produces an unparalleled experience for clients. For more information about nDemand Consulting and to find out more about services, visit http://www.ndemandconsultingllc.com