IT Job Market for People with Top Secret Clearance

Unfortunately, the job market in the United States currently faces an excess supply of labor where the number of qualified individuals available for jobs exceeds the number of the vacant positions available in the market. This particular issue became an immense problem during the global economic turmoil in 2009 with all the lay-offs and close downs, which eventually led to the towering rise in unemployment. However, as the economy has started getting back on its feet now in the mid of 2014 regardless of all the job cuts, there is one particular qualification that can land you a job no matter how bad the shape of the economy is – the Top Secret Clearance. In a recent study published by The Washington Post in 2010, it was discovered that people with top secret clearances are actually in the list of the top 10% of highest income earners.

What is Top Secret Clearance?

Simply put, a secret clearance is a high level authorization that is required by a person who wishes to access classified information. In addition, a secret clearance is immensely important in landing the top IT job with a government agency or contractor that deals with sensitive information.

For instance, to access information regarding military operations or space programs, you might require a secret clearance. However, a top secret clearance does not allow you to access all kinds of information. Instead, the clearance only permits you to access the information you need to perform your job.

While getting a top secret clearance is a tough task and requires a government sponsorship (which can only be obtained after rigorous background checks), it is not impossible. Moreover, there are several types of secret clearances which one can opt for. While some can choose to opt for the top secret clearance which has to be renewed every 5 years, others can opt for the special secret clearances which have to be renewed every 10 to 15 years.

Why do Most IT Jobs Require Top Secret Clearance?

People responsible for handling classified information must have secret clearances in order to access sensitive information. Hence, information technology (IT) specialists maintaining computer systems that hold classified or sensitive information are required to have top secret clearances as well. Web designers, information managers, account managers, and majority of all the other high paying IT jobs directly associated with the US government require secret clearances. 

Contrary to popular belief, most jobs at the Federal government too require top secret clearance. Majority of jobs in government agencies such as the CIA, FBI, and the NSA require top secret clearances as well.

How to Find Top Secret Clearance IT Jobs?

There are several job portals on the internet that place lists of top secret clearance jobs. One such portal is where individuals can find IT jobs on the go. However, it must be noted that IT jobs that require top secret clearance are only offered to US citizens.